a particular system of philosophical thought.

synonyms: thinking, thought, reasoning

"the philosophy of Aristotle"

Antrobus+Ramirez is a Miami-based, international design studio with an “under-the-radar” ethos. Inspired by their own Caribbean and South East Asian ancestry and legacy, the Antrobus+Ramirez studio retains a caring approach to design, crafting lustrous, inviting and unforgettable spaces worldwide via what they dub “Design Intelligence.”


a room where an artist, photographer,
sculptor, etc., works.

synonyms: workshop, workroom, atelier, workspace

"the artist's studio"

The design studio’s early roots began in 2002, as Antrobus Design Co. and in 2011 the partnership emerged, founding Antrobus+Ramirez. Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez shaped the joint venture after a successful tenure together at YOO in Miami and London. At YOO, the young Designers worked alongside renowned talents Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, Kelly Hoppen, Jade Jagger on a variety marquee projects in: Miami, Mexico, Argentina, Istanbul, Moscow, India, Thailand and Vienna.

Their creative brushstroke is often inspired by rich cultural heritages - Antrobus' innate Caribbean ancestry and Ramirez's South East Asian legacy. Antrobus+Ramirez brings their respective cultural backgrounds to their brushstroke in; Architecture, and Design to their Residential, Hotel, Restaurant Interiors, and the firm's new Product Design division.

The artistic-team’s studio is located within IRONSIDE, creative, urban mixed-use development just minutes north of the Miami Design District. The imaginative district has been compared to Venice, California and DUMBO in New York… IRONSIDE being the younger cousin in South Florida.